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Fashion Design Models

Fashion, Design and Models. London to Bangkok. The Fashion House sets your team a creative style of Team Building Package that leads the way toward producing a successful model team. Energy and flair combine with hands-on fashion design and skills and runway event organisation under pressure, to showcase unique ideas from the efforts of not just individual perspectives but the team as a whole.
Innovation is about creativity.

Fashion Team Building Design

Excellent teamwork that sees a project from the very beginning to a one-off, no second-chances event finale, really takes teams on a journey of creativity with the challenges and obstacles every business faces. Would-be style icons are congratulated with a glittering awards ceremony to add glamour and excitement to this dynamic team building challenge.

Fashion Design Models Shopping

From sourcing materials, to haggling over prices to test sales acumen, each team of designers and runway models needs to set the trend with a totally unique brand and label. Back at base, teams design stylish garments, from their shopping spree, to create a collection fit for a fashion show.

Fashion Team Building Design – The Fashion House Runway

After the getting stuck in as a team in the frenetic fashion industry, it’s time to let each team’s creations take centre stage, with a runway show, where the models are part of the team too. Bringing the project together with music, choreography and commentary, the teams sit down to dinner, with awards for hard work, adding an element of friendly camaraderie and competition.

Create YOUR TEAM with designs on success!

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