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Awesome Thailand & Singapore Indoor Team Building Activities

Awesome Indoor Team Building Activities

Our Thailand and Singapore indoor team building events provide you a great addition to compliment your meetings or conferences by focusing on teamwork, real life issues and concerns that your groups may face on a day-to-day basis. All our indoor team building events, whether you choose Singapore or Thailand, are aimed at building a more cohesive, mutually supportive, and trusting group.

This will also have high expectations for task accomplishment and at the same time, respect individual differences in values, personalities, skills and idiosyncratic behaviour.

Indoor Team Building Experience

If you’ve ever been a member of a high performing team it’s an experience you’re not likely to have forgotten. Your team members would have trusted each other, enjoyed the tasks given, and achieved the goals.

Your team will improve its ability as a team through problem solving and making decisions while participating in our indoor team building events.

Our Thailand and Singapore indoor team building events provide goals to your group that are clear and essential so that everyone understands the purpose and vision of the team.

Whether it’s our art attack, movie making or build a bike and much more, our events always provide clear benefits to your group. Our Singapore and Thailand indoor team building events are also fun!

Indoor Team Building Warm Up Games

Tell some truths but add a lie

Each person gets up and introduces themselves to everyone with some truth facts and a lie. The rest of your group have to decide which statement was a lie.

Would you rather

This is a classic game in which each person takes turns to ask “would you rather …?” Some examples are below:

  • Would you rather be 8 feet tall or 3 feet tall?
  • Would you rather give up your tv or computer?
  • Would you rather 3 legs or 3 arms?
  • Would you rather fly to Mars or Saturn?

Teams can come up with their own questions

Sell an item from your table

Everyone in the room has to choose an item from their table and improvise a sales pitch to sell it. Participant get bonus points if the pitch is realistic.

Roll a Marble

Teams are to construct a contraption to roll the marble from one end of the conference room to the other without the marble touching the floor. They may use paper, paper clips, tape etc.

Build the tallest freestanding tower

Teams must build the tallest tower with the materials you provide them for a minimum of 20 seconds. Some fun materials could include spaghetti, marshmallows, toilet rolls, tape,etc

Shrinking Island

Take a length of rope or string and make a circle on the floor. Teams step into the circle and need to figure out ways to remain there as you slowly shrink the space.

Meeting Room Survival

Participants have been stranded in the meeting room and cannot get out. This includes not being allowed to break down the doors or windows etc. They have 20 minutes to decide which items they need for survival and must rank them in order of importance.

Shared Experiences

Each person shares with the team something negative that happened to them which could be from home or at work. Other team members then discuss the experience but focus only on the positive aspects. This is a great game on turning a negative situation into a positive one.

Describe and Draw

One person in the team has a picture which he/she needs to describe to everyone else without them seeing it. The person cannot say what the picture is exactly and team members need to draw what they believe it is.

Our Top Choice of Indoor Team Building Activities

These event activities are full day or afternoon and the perfect choice if you’re looking something more innovative and to get away from the well known games as above. We provide all the equipment necessary such as iPads, printer, paints, brushes, canvas to make this an event you’ll never forget.

Movie Making in iPads

This fun movie making indoor event requires teams to work together to plan and create their own movie. Once their story board has been completed your teams shoot your movies outdoors and then return to the meeting room to edit. We make it even more fun by providing plenty of props to help teams with their creativity! This indoor event can be from 3 to 5 hours or a full day.

The Directors Cut Making Movies

We would need to chosen hotel so set up a screen, sound system and projector or as with some hotels an LCD screen/tv

Comic Strip Storyboarding

Using the props provided, teams are required to use their imagination and creativity to create a comic book story. This could be focused around your organisation, meeting purpose and the latest superhero! Very similar to our movie making this is a very relaxed indoor team building event.

At the end of this creative and fun event teams can print out their comic books and take them home!

Art Attack Creative Corporate Painting

Corporate Painting Workshops

This is the most relaxed and laid back indoor team building art event we have. Teams create a work of art from the materials provided which could range from simple watercolours to oil paintings.

All you need for this indoor event is a conference/meeting room and some comfortable chairs. Let’s not forget loads of creativity! During the event team leaders need to work with each other to ensure that each individual painting matches up with the other teams.

When all teams have created their work of art the must put them together to make a bigger picture.

Build a Bike for Kids

Everyone loves to build a bicycle! This bicycle workshop requires your group to assemble a bicycle and then donate it to under-privileged children. This has been our most popular event which we first started in Thailand and now in Singapore.

Part of this event may be delivered outside your chosen hotel for the shopping challenge! If you would still prefer to remain indoor then we could change the shopping challenge to an in-house quiz.

At the end of this indoor team building activity we introduce under-privileged children and provide a brief on where they come from before donating all the toys and bikes to them

Kids School back to your Childhood

Teams compete with each other through fun indoor games we used to play as a children on those rainy days. Build a plasticine animal, create a painting by numbers picture, complete a jigsaw and more. Everything you use and make is donated to children mostly from local health centres.

Did we forget to mention we set up a few obstacles for that extra competitiveness after all, we don’t want it to easy!

Thailand & Singapore Indoor Team Building Goals:

  • Help team members diagnose where they are as a group; what they do well or poorly;
  • Aid in the understanding of group members’ communication patterns, decision – making approaches, and leadership styles;
  • Focus an issue which the team understands but seems unable to investigate deeply;
  • Demonstrate specific techniques that group members can use to improve the quality of their time together.

Which is better – indoor our outdoor team building?

Usually we would recommend outdoor team building events in Singapore & Thailand especially if your group has been attending an all week conference. I’m sure they would welcome the opportunity to get outside for a breath of fresh air and see the well known landmarks in Singapore or Thailand. However this would be dependent on your budget, time of the event and of course the weather and your choice of Singapore or Thailand!

We are able to combine our indoor team building events with a little time outdoors. An example is our indoor team building bike build event. Teams can also travel to the nearest shopping centre to purchase items for children.

Why not contact us today for more information on our Singapore and Thailand indoor team building events. Please also tell us your event date, group size and hotel location/city. We have many fun team building activities for you!

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