Bangkok Transportation and Getting Around Safely

Let's take a look at the different methods of transportation around Bangkok and which should be the safest to use!

Speeding Tuk Tuk in Bangkok
Is Bangkok transportation safe for getting around and what are the different kinds of transport? We have used all forms of transportation in Bangkok and here our our tips! Bangkok is a big, bold, capital city, and being at the heart of Southeast Asia it is also diverse and busy!

Covering over 1,500 square kilometres there’s a lot of the city to explore, whether on your own, in a group or on a mission as part of our Amazing Race events.

Public transportation is rated to be much safer than any other mode of transportation. Let’s take a look at the different methods of transportation and which should be the safest.

Bangkok Transportation Safety – Trains

BTS Skytrain – Bangkok Mass Transit System

It’s clean, efficient and easy to navigate, and more importantly, it’s fast! BTS transportation runs on two lines throughout the city’s main areas and over the river and beyond. When road traffic has come to a standstill you are best getting the Skytrain. Plans began for this system back in the early ’80s and it was opened in 1999.

Access is via escalators or stairs and there is a lift for the elderly or physically disabled. Tickets are bought from machines or kiosks located at each access gate.

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