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5 Tips to find the Best Team Building Companies in Thailand

5 Tips to find the Best Team Building Company Thailand

Here are 5 tips to find the best team building event companies in Thailand. Excel Solutions Asia has been delivering events for around 16 years in Thailand. At the beginning of our journey, you could count the number of team building event organisers on one hand but it’s growing.

Today, there are countless options to choose from! Some new companies claim to have been delivering corporate events in Thailand for 20 years on their websites! Let’s find out how to check the legitimacy on some of these claims!

Although there are some stellar companies here (us included, of course), you may find that a few may not quite live up to expectations.

So, how do you know if the event company you’ve found will be able to deliver everything they advertise? Well, there are a few main points to look out for.

Here are 5 of the most important tips to find the best event companies in Thailand that can help narrow down your search quickly and efficiently to find the best team building companies in Thailand.

Business Registration Certificates and Documentation

Check if the business has officially registered with the ‘Department of Business Development Ministry of Commerce’, Thailand. Here is a link to DBD Thailand.

Organisations should own a DBD certificate so you can always ask for a copy. Check the name of the website and the name on the certificate and if they differ – ask why!

Most important is if a company has claimed to be delivering events for 20 years and yet you discover it is only a few years old – this is the biggest red flag.

Business Development Ministry of Commerce Thailand
Business Development Ministry of Commerce Thailand

And if they’re not registered, take that also as another red flag! It doesn’t hurt to visit the company’s real life headquarters, if you’re able to.

You can get a feel for the type of operation they have going on, and can also check if they have required documentation and licenses that they’re required to display. It’s a great way to check first hand if they are who they say they are, or if their HQ is even where they say it is!

Company Website Registrar and Domains

The Internet is your friend. You can usually find out very quickly these days if a company is legitimate or not via a quick Google search (or Bing, if that’s your style). Using online registrar websites, you can look up when the company’s website was registered and created (if they even have one!)

By doing this, you can determine its legitimacy. Usually, a website that has only been created recently and expires in the near future is a giveaway that it’s a temporary cover, or worse, a scam, especially if the company claims it has a long history of work and clients.

Find a ‘whois‘ website and type in the URL (domain name) of the local team building company in Thailand and see the date the website was created. WhoIs Domain Lookup

Do bear in mind some companies (including us) may have changed the domain name but why not ask and question it!

Team Building Company’s Website Content

A company’s website is a great window into their legitimacy. The first thing you should look for are their contact details, including their telephone number and address. If you can’t find a way to contact the company offline, they may not be legitimate.

Anybody today, including their grandmothers can obtain an email address, so this is considered less trustworthy than the use of an actual phone numbers or physical addresses to visit.

Of course anything can be faked nowadays, so it’s a good idea to search the phone number online or in a directory to see if it’s there, and to cross-reference any given address on a service like Google maps. It never hurts to be thorough!

Most people can see through shady web content. If the reviews all seem similar and unbelievable, and if their site is littered with blurry stock photos, take it is a warning. Most legitimate companies don’t need to do this to entice people in.

Furthermore, real businesses will have their policies, terms and conditions displayed on their website. It may be painstaking, but read through them.

If you see anything that is suspicious, take note, especially if it’s to do with payments; if they only take cash or cheque and not viable methods such as a TT transfer into their corporate account, give them a miss.

One of the biggest give-aways are the images displayed on their websites! If a company claims to have been around 20 years but the images are mostly stock photos, this is another warning.

Of course there are organisations that request not to post their images on team building website, but for a company established 20 years ago, there would be no shortage of event images to display.

Website Plagiarism and Copying

The biggest warning sign which we discovered when having our website plagiarised by a local team building company in Bangkok, was finding the same images on another website.
So how do you know who owns the images!

If you’re still unsure, as already mentioned above, type in the domain to whois and check the dates. If one website is 15 years old and the other is only one, it’s a good sign to see ownership of the images.

Look at the Event Images Carefully

Firstly, if the company is based in Thailand but the images are obviously in another country, here’s another warning sign! We found another way was to simply type the event activity into Google and go to images. Many times we found the same image on different team building websites and it was very easy to see which organisation actually owned them!

**If a company is based in Thailand – why are their images showing events in another country**

You may also notice most of our team building event images has our logo in the corner. As with the company that plagiarised our website they cropped the image and aded their own logo on top.

By simply looking at the size of the image you can see signs of cropping.

This rule also goes for the written content. We were able to prove the content was ours by providing the date each web page was stamped with.

Fake Testimonials for Team Building Companies

Client Testimonials – Are they Fake?

This is a big one. The easiest way to verify the legitimacy and reliability of a company is by seeing what other people have to say about them.

We’ve mentioned it before, but when looking at the testimonials on their website, check them out carefully.

It’s not entirely unfeasible that a company may have nothing but glowing reviews, but if there are hundreds of superficial five star reviews, without even one hint of criticism, then they may be censoring real reviews and posting fake ones (this unfortunately happens a lot more often than you’d think).

Your best bet is checking customer review platforms on external sites, where the company can’t interfere with what people have to say.

Better yet, find other organisations who have had dealings with the team building company before and ask them! When it comes to honest feedback, you can’t beat word of mouth.

Check the names of the reviewers

Something else interesting which we noticed were the names of the reviewers. If a company is owned by e.g. a French National and all the reviews are from French people this could be another warning as to the legitimacy of the reviews!

Company Locations/Addresses

As mentioned before, the company address is a dead giveaway. By checking online registrars or by simply Googling the address given on their website, you can check if a company is where they say they are.

If you live nearby, visit the address they give to see what their physical HQ is like. You can usually tell if it’s a legitimate operation just by taking a look around. Hopefully, there will be a building there at the address you visit!

A registered company here in Thailand should have an address with the plaque (name of the company) on full display!

These tips should help you separate the genuine companies from the illegitimate or those with highly exaggerated claims.

5 Tips to find the Best Team Building Company in Thailand

5 Tips to find the Best Event Companies in Thailand Conclusion

Sometimes it’s tricky to tell, but the dead giveaways are usually their address, the registrations documents and the testimonials from others, especially those you know. Remember, if there’s a shred of doubt in your mind, double-check it first! We’re not claiming to be the best team building company but learn a little more and visit our about us page.

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