Captain CSR Superheroes of the Local Community

Captain CSR Superhero helping Thai lady

Captain CSR – Superheroes of the local Thai or Singapore Community is another fun team building event with a difference. Superheroes can be all-inspiring and represent the best in humanity. You may not be perfect but we can help you become superheroes and play an important part in the local community. This event is a fun way to take responsibility and have a lasting, positive impact on society!

Have you ever wanted to be the next Superman, Batman or Spiderman? Before venturing into the city, your teams will need to create a superhero that represents your team. Rather than make one that already exists, yours could be called Captain CSR. Of course, he or she is going to need a costume.

Captain CSR – Creating Your Superhero

We can start you off which may include boots, tights, mask and a cape! The rest is up to your team’s imagination! After your hero has been created, it’s time to venture out into the wide open world!

Your Superhero Mission

Your superhero may not leap over tall buildings in a single bound, bend steel with his/her bare hands or change the course of a mighty river! So what will you do?

Unfortunately as with most superheroes we need to keep this part a secret until you confirm this event! However, your task is to venture into the city to assist, protect and serve! It may include helping the elderly, shopping, supporting local workers or even rescuing a lost cat!

If you really want to do something that’s exciting and rewarding without the ability of superpowers, then Captain CSR is for you! Whatever or whoever you become, we’re sure you’ll never be forgotten!

Alternate CSR Event Without the Costumes

Corporate Social Responsibility Events for your company can promote its core brand ideas while engaging in activities that help people from all walks of life. This event is a take on our ‘Captain CSR – Superheroes‘ except for one difference! There are no costumes and the event is delivered under your own corporate banner. Not forgetting your own corporate logo!

Some people are a little reserved (dare I say introvert) and prefer not to wear a costume. We can assist and support your organisation to play an important part in the local community. This is another CSR event that will leave a lasting, positive impression with the locals.

CSR Branded Goals

Your goal is to venture into the city and assist people from all types of life! It could be the elderly, local workers, pregnant women and just about anyone who would appreciate your help and support. Combined with a fun list of our added tasks, we’re sure to keep you busy. Did we forget to mention this may also include helping the local wildlife!

Your Core Values and Principles

By embracing the core values and principles of your company, you are given the privilege to showcase your companies commitment to earn the respect of others. This also provides an opportunity to brush up on your people skills, and develop ways to better communicate. By projecting a positive image, your organisation can make a name for itself for not only being financially profitable, but also socially conscious!

Advantages of Corporate Social Responsibility

How much good a company can do in its local community, or even beyond that, is CSR (corporate social responsibility). Participating in our fun CSR corporate branding team building event, ties your organisation to your brand identity. What better was is there to increase media coverage than with a fun, branded corporate CSR event.

Our Corporate Goals

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”Christopher Reeve

Prices quoted would include the following: basic superhero costume, prize for each winning team member, photographer, facilitators, MC, and all associated materials. A meeting room would be required for the start and end of this fun event.