10 Characteristics of High Performance Teams to Develop

Being a member of a high-performance teams is an experience you’re likely never to forget.

10 Characteristics of High Performing Teams. Corporate people joining hands.
High Performance Teams. Being a member of a high-performance teams is an experience you’re likely never to forget. Below are the characteristics that have been used, to describe high-performance teams.

High Performance Team Characteristics

Effective Decision-Making – team members discuss methods by using a mix of rational and intuitive decision making methods, and know when to use them.

Open and Clear Communication – ensures that the team openly share their points of view, by using effective communication methods and channels which increases trust and builds healthy work relationships

Defined Roles and Responsibilities – each team recognises individuals talents and expertise. This helps to demonstrate commitment to the team and to know what they must do.

Clear Goals – this is critical to ensure everyone on the team is heading in the same direction. This also creates ownership, especially when other team members support the same endeavours.

Managing Conflict – although essential to a team’s productivity, by dealing with conflict openly and transparently prevents negativity and destroying team morale

Valued Diversity – this is the heart of any team as it values each individuals unique contribution, leading to better decision making methods and solutions. This also respects the diversity and viewpoints of others.

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