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Unique Circus Team Building Acts for an Entertaining Event

Dress up as clowns, juggle balls, hula hoop dancing, making balloon animals and mush more!

Circus Team Building Entertainment Clowns

Unique Circus Team Building. It takes many acts to make a great circus which is why your team is a caravan circus, travelling from city to city around Asia and this time, your destination could be Bangkok, Thailand or even Marina Bay Singapore. Each team has to set up an extraordinary circus show with fun acts which include, clowns, juggling, balancing, dancing etc.

Everyone in the caravan is a selected circus cast member and will have special acts to perform. Dress up as circus clowns, juggling balls, hula hoop dance, make balloon animals and more! After all, you are all a very important part of the show!

Start by Creating Your Circus Team Building Poster

This fun team building event starts with your team members creating and painting a circus poster to advertise your caravan. Grab attention by adding lots of colour to create energy and fun to kick off this event. We can even add your faces to the poster for that extra personal touch!

Circus Team Building Entertainment Acts

These interactive and entertaining team building activities are the perfect choice for your corporate event. Clowns, juggling, hooping and other activities make up this unique and fun event.

Perform a Juggling Act

Perform juggling and balancing acts using balls, clubs and the odd knife or two! Ok, perhaps not the knives but it’s a skill your team will need to master!

How to Juggle

The easiest way to juggle is with scarves as they are lighter and slower than other objects such as balls. Start by throwing one scarf in a small arch to the other hand. Practice for a while until you get the feel of it.

To make the technique smoother practice scooping by dipping your hand before tossing the scarf. After a few times toss the first scarf and add the second when the first is above eye level. Sounds easy but it’s going to take some practice before you start throwing the knives!

Benefits of Juggling

This could be your perfect workout after all juggling is a kind of aerobic exercise! Because you have to focus it improves concentration and is the ultimate way to relieve stress. Juggling also improves coordination and can be done almost anywhere. Did I forget to mention it’s supposed to make you smarter?

Become a Circus Clown

You then create and dress up as clowns adopting an eccentric and fun character using the make-up provided. Don’t worry, it all washes off! You are then given fun time to practice and perform a variety of circus acts, ready for the big top show! Prepare and set up your gags to express your clown’s character.

Types of Clowns

There were three types of clowns, The Whiteface, The Auguste and The Tramp. The original clown characters came out of the “rustic fool” early modern commedia dell’arte (rehearsed improvised comedy), which were based on the characters of ancient Greek and Roman theatre.

The Whiteface Clown

Whenever we hear the word ‘clown’ these are the clowns that usually spring to mind. Commonly known as the classic clown these were the ones usually associated with the circus. The character is usually the boss of all other clowns and he is known to be the serious clown type.

The Auguste Clown

This is the misfit as the name suggests ‘Auguste’ is German slang for buffoon. He is the joker or fool and always gets into funny situations when performing tasks. He is also the less intelligent clown that takes a pie or bucket of water in the face.

The Tramp Clown

If anything is going to go wrong it will happen to this clown or more than likely be caused by this clown. He assumes the character of a “down-on-his-luck” clown and the idea may have originated from vagrants who rode the rails during the Great Depression during the 1930s.

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