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Corporate Branding and Marketing Workshops

Sell your brand vision and strategy to a panel of judges representing different industry perspectives

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Corporate Branding and Marketing Workshops. Teams put their ideas where their practical business abilities are to bring a label from inception to being a viable, marketable concept.

Teams employ creativity to sell their brand vision and strategy to a panel of judges representing different industry perspectives and demands, with awards for the best.

Corporate Branding events Thailand take teams through a series of logical brand creation stages, teaching valuable group project progression.

Corporate Branding – Stage 1 – Product Ideas

Everything in business starts with an idea. Team thought showers come up with product ideas and identify target markets, from food to clothing and everything in between.

Corporate Branding – Stage 2 – Preparation

Teams solidify their decisions into tangible logo designs and an understandable brand identity that can be marketed.

Through artwork and potentially video and models, as well as written materials, each team works together to be boardroom-ready. Teams have time to organize, rehearse, and fine-tune their approach and their performance.

Corporate Branding – Stage 3 – Presentation

It’s corporate branding presentation time, with teams persuading a judges’ panel with a hopefully convincing sales pitch.

Exploring brand labelling, teams explain their campaign strategy, from social media to digital marketing. With a Q&A under fire, the day ends with the Best Brand

Corporate Branding Thailand Awards

Individuals are challenged to work successfully on a creative business-centered project, where their innovation and marketing skills are put to the test, as they tackle integrating their ideas with the real demands of consumer markets.

Working under pressure, teams engage in product development and corporate cohesion, as well as corporate brand awareness.

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