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Corporate Events Thailand & Singapore

Corporate Events Singapore. Singapore is in strategic Asian location, providing strong investments and trade for corporates in a pro-business environment. Funded by your organisation, the main objectives to corporate events are breaking down barriers and allowing staff to bond.

Business organisations such as yours may wish to reward, educate, motivate or simply celebrate achievements and goals. Corporate events also engage employees to maintain transparency in the business market pleasing staff associated with the company.

A lot of planning is involved which is why it is important to make sure you clearly understand all the needs and necessities before kickstarting your amazing corporate event in Thailand and Singapore

Why are corporate events in Singapore important?

Corporate events collaborate, strengthen teams, boost morale and promote creativity. A corporate event is also the ideal platform to show appreciation, for the accomplishments and efforts of your employees.

Let’s be honest, employees feel more motivated when their work has been appreciated, especially when they are valued on stage in front of their fellow workers.

Even small corporate events can have a large impact on the morale of its employees. It also provides an opportunity to remind employees about the rules, regulations, missions and visions of your company.

Brand awareness can be increased by connecting you to your clients, which in turn builds trust and demonstrates that they are the centre of your focus!

How do I create a memorable business event?

Firstly and most important is to identify what the main goals and objectives are before planning your corporate event. What is the purpose; networking, conference or perhaps the yearly party celebration.

Once you know your goals, you can advertise the event in a way that makes your employees feel like they will miss out if they don’t attend. It also clarifies the importance of the event and how potential attendees can make connections.

Why are you having this corporate event in Singapore
Why are you inviting attendees to your corporate event?
Are you inviting attendees relevant to your objectives?
What do you want to achieve from the event when attendees leave?

Build a Guest List

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Build a diverse and fun guest list. Think about diversity which could include: cultural, racial, age, gender education, abilities, etc. Don’t forget to invite a few charismatic employees which will encourage the quieter guests to open up more and enjoy themselves.

There is no shortage of venues in Thailand or Singapore and most hotels can accommodate your corporate event.

Ensure the room can comfortably fit all attendees and don’t forget the refreshments. Enjoying something to eat and drink at a conference can also be an ideal ice breaker. People may not remember all the faces at your corporate event but they’re sure to remember the food!

Perhaps go easy on the coffee and biscuits and be aware of the benefits of healthy eating. After all, you don’t want your participants feeling like they need a mid-day nap.

Enable wi-fi connection for online communication and access including entertainment, such as video streaming. It is another way to promote your products, services, and brand and online communication are vital for all your attendees.

Hire a professional emcee (also known as an MC) that possesses good communications skills and a knack for public speaking. Emcees (master of ceremonies) can keep your audience engaged while adding energy and charisma.

They can engage with the audience to keep the event and agenda flowing as smoothly as possible.

Tips for Corporate Events in Singapore

Choose an event theme to make your event stand out. This not only sets the overall tone but adds a fun way to incorporate your key messages through the chosen theme.

Create a tagline as they let you quickly and efficiently sum up what your corporate event is all about. Perhaps you could add something cultural while in Singapore!

Make the corporate event more interactive and engaging. Change the format and break away from the traditional ‘listen to one speaker’. Look for ways to draw in your audience. Enable them to become part of the event.

Set the right ambience and mood. This includes the right kind of music, lighting and colours to create an atmosphere for a dramatic first impression.

There’s nothing more groundbreaking than a live band for corporate event entertainment. If your group consists mostly of Westerners you can’t go wrong with traditional Thai or Chinese music easily available in Singapore. Not forgetting this would also be easy on your budget considering Singapore local costs!

Add a photo booth so your guests can take pictures with their friends, and colleagues making the event more memorable.

How to make corporate events even more fun?

Add a team building event to compliment your conference/meeting. We have a large selection of indoor and outdoor team building corporate events and activities in Thailand and Singapore guaranteed to add even more fun while developing teamwork.

Our corporate team building events also include CSR – corporate social responsibility and we have been delivering our popular build a bike for a kids charity event for almost 16 years! If you’ve done this before we can add a fun twist or provide a selection of events we’re sure you’ve never done before!

Read why we believe Marina Bay, Singapore is one of the best locations for team building. Marina Bay is next to the central business district of Singapore. Combining entertainment, culture, dining and shopping this makes it the perfect location for just about anything you want to do in Singapore.

Thailand & Singapore Corporate Events and Meetings

Corporate Event Singapore Wrap Up

Make attendees feel welcome and avoid lengthy queues. Have a grasp on how many people will be attending the venue and ensure the room you have selected can accommodate their needs.

Always consider what your audience wants. Decide the target audience that could help you better choose your speakers, entertainment, food, ambience, and the venue location. Send our a survey and brainstorm ideas before deciding on the overall theme.

Corporate entertainment should tie back to your event brand and goals. Host a corporate event in Thailand or Singapore which ties in with your corporate objectives has much more impact, especially if the event involves a selection of activities which enables everyone to participate and enjoy at their own levels.

Budgeting for your Events

If you have a limited budget for your corporate events in Thailand or Singapore, map out all your expenses to estimate your event promotion costs. Even with the best plan, you could exceed your budget with expenses that you had never considered. Summarise the total cost in a spreadsheet and attaching a total breakdown.

Engage with attendees after the corporate event. When the last guest exits the venue it doesn’t mean your work is over. Send out a post-event survey to learn how much they liked and just as important, what they didn’t like.

Don’t forget to thank them for attending and supporting your event. We would recommend this to be done within 2 days after the event.

Hire an Event Organiser

Hire a professional event planner based in Singapore or Thailand. If you don’t have the time to do all the necessary tasks, the guidance of a professional corporate event planner could save the day! Look for a company with experience and a strong reputation. If you’re still unsure read our 5 best tips to find the team building event company.

Contact us today for more information on a fun activity in Thailand and Singapore and don’t forget to see our testimonials on our corporate events.

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