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Corporate Golf Packages and Events in Thailand

Corporate Golf Packages and Events Thailand Lady Golfer

Corporate Golf Packages and Events in Thailand. Do you own a business and want to treat your employees to a fun day out? Perhaps you are looking to bring your workforce together and build team spirit through an activity away from the workplace?

Whatever your goal maybe, corporate golf golf team building events in Thailand are the perfect way to build inter-personal relationships that can help at work.

It does not matter if there are people within the group who have never played golf before. In any working environment, you find people with various skills and they come together to create a winning team.

The same applies to golf team building events and even those who have little or no experience of playing golf will have an input throughout the day.

Corporate Golf Packages

Whether it is cheering when someone lands a hole in one or laughter when someone hits their ball in the water, everyone comes together through enjoyment on the golf course.

For example, you may have one person in a group who plays a lot of sport and is comfortable on the golf course. On the other hand, there may be someone who never participates in sporting activities but is a great strategist and can help in planning shots.

Scramble, is a good example of a game where everybody hits a shot on every hole, regardless of ability thus allowing each person to contribute throughout the day.

Corporate Golf Packages Hua Hin Thailand

It is possible to enjoy golf team building events on the practice greens and driving range. You could set up a putting competition on the practice green which everyone can play and a longest drive competition. These are just two examples of fun golf team building games you can add to the day.

Corporate Golf Packages – Hua Hin Thailand


In addition to the fun element of golf team building events in Thailand, what are the benefits for you employees and business? Firstly, there are a great selection of stunning golf courses in Hua Hin and simply being on one of these courses for a day can bring joy and increase motivation.

Banyan Golf Club, Black Mountain Golf Club, Springfield Royal Country Club and Majestic Creek Country Club are just four examples of the golf courses available to you for team building events.

These golf courses are ranked as being some of the best, not only in Thailand but the whole world. However, we understand you need to play on a golf course which is suitable to the level of the people playing.

You do not want to set up a team building event only to find the participants are struggling due to the difficulty of the golf course. Through consultation, we ensure you and your team are playing on a golf course which matches their ability and allows them to gain maximum pleasure and satisfaction from the day.

You can even add an awards ceremony at the end of the day. This is sure to lead to plenty of banter between colleagues and bring them closer together.

You can have awards for not only the winner’s but best shot and worst shot of the day, the latter of which provides plenty of laughs.

Corporate Golf Packages and Events Thailand


Corporate golf events in Thailand are also a great way to entertain potential clients. Businessmen and women are more relaxed outside of the office and there is no better place to be than outdoors, on a picturesque Hua Hin golf course.

Potential clients will be judging you on the success of your event and that’s why it is best to leave the creation of your golf day to the professionals.

Making the right impression first time, whether it be with the workforce or new clients is key to business success. Corporate golf packages are the perfect way to bring employees and clients together in a fun and relaxed environment.

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