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Team Building Hua Hin Corporate group in the Hotel Garden

Why Team Building in Hua Hin could be better than Bangkok

Why could team building in Hua Hin be better than Bangkok? With its natural beauty, facilities, tolerant culture and relaxed attitude, Hua Hin really does offer more in every sense of the word. However when choosing a location for your team building event, the choice is also quite simple.

Corporate Golf Packages and Events Thailand Lady Golfer

Corporate Golf Packages and Events in Thailand

Corporate Golf Packages and Events in Thailand. Do you own a business and want to treat your employees to a fun day out? Perhaps you are looking to bring your workforce together and build team spirit through an activity away from the workplace?

Marina Bay Singapore Team Building Events

Why Marina Bay, Singapore is Awesome for Team Building Events

Here we are in Singapore again for our usual team building event and photoshoot when we came to realise just how perfect Marina Bay is for most of our Singapore team building events. Firstly, it’s in the centre of the business hub, has an abundance of art, easy to get around and plenty of restaurants for all kinds of cuisine and tastes.

DJ Entertainment Services

5 Entertainment Services for Events and Gala Dinners

Entertainment Services. When booking one of our events why not compliment it with a selection of our entertainment services delivered anywhere throughout Asia. We are able to offer music, dance shows, lighting, professional emcee services, announcements, uplighting, spotlighting, and several other services tailored to suit your events.

Speeding Tuk Tuk in Bangkok

Bangkok Transportation and Getting Around Safely

Is Bangkok transportation safe for getting around and what are the different kinds of transport? We have used all forms of transportation in Bangkok and here our our tips! Bangkok is a big, bold, capital city, and being at the heart of Southeast Asia it is also diverse and busy!

Team Building Activities Singapore

8 Team Building Activities in Singapore You Didn’t Know About.

Singapore team building is where employees participate together in different types of group activities. The purpose is to teach employees how to work together as a team by enhancing their communication skills and productivity. Furthermore, they get to know their coworkers on a more personal level, which makes it more comfortable for them to work with each other.

Amazing Festivals in Singapore to Experience Multi-Ethnic Cultures

Amazing Festivals in Singapore to Experience Multi-Ethnic Cultures

Hoping to explore a Singapore festival that isn’t filled with rich kids, whose tickets were bought by their parents? Try looking into being familiarised with the diverse ethnic cultures and traditions of Singapore. There are a plethora of festivals; all of which are a must-see. Check out this list of the biggest cultural festivals that are located throughout the island.


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