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Clean Up Campaigns Corporate Social Responsibility Team Building

Clean Up Campaigns for Your Local Community and Environment

Have you ever gone to a place and seen that it isn't well-kept and wondered why? For some communities, it's due to a lack of manpower needed to keep the area in shape. This...
Kids School Team Building CSR

Kids School CSR Team Building Taking Us Back to our Childhood

Kids School Corporate team building taking you back to nostalgia. This fun event gives teams a rewarding and challenging package that creates a feel-good team spirit, by participating in a selection of fun activities...
Kids Market Buying and SellingKids Market Buying and Selling

Kids Market Buy, Sell or Trade Children’s Toys for Charity

Kids Market CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Events. Teams set up and create their very own vendor stalls focused around children’s items. The objective is to buy and sell items for children and to make...
Build a Bag CSR Team Building Events

Build a Bag CSR Donations for the Under Privileged

Build a Bag CSR is a fun, (Corporate Social Responsibility) event for the Under Privileged. Whether it’s for children, or the elderly your teams will be required to build and donate bags or hampers....
Captain CSR Superhero helping Thai lady

Captain CSR Superheroes of the Local Community

Captain CSR – Superheroes of the local Thai or Singapore Community is another fun team building event with a difference. Superheroes can be all-inspiring and represent the best in humanity. You may not be...
Build a Teddy Bear CSR Team Building

Build Models, Toys and Games CSR Team Building for Kids

This amazing charity workshop for kids providers your group a workshop building models, toys or even a board game. These workshops are tailored around CSR - corporate social responsibility which are our most popular...
Build a Bike Team Building events

Our Most Popular Build a Bike for Kids CSR Team Building

Build a Bike for Kids CSR Team Building in Bangkok, Thailand, and Singapore is a fun indoor/outdoor event created for under-privileged children. Company participation (CSR) in local and global communities depict positive changes in...
Wheelchairs Team Building for Mobility Thailand Singapore

Walking Sticks and Wheelchairs Team Building for Mobility

Build a walking stick or assemble a wheelchair is a CSR team building event to help people suffering with mobility problems. Our team building for mobility event is for anyone living with a disability...