CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Team Building Events

Our CSR events can be delivered in Thailand, Singapore or anywhere throughout Asia.

CSR Charity Team Building Events.

Participate from a selection of our awesome charity CSR (corporate social responsibility) team building activities. We are now tailoring many of our events around CSR activities due to requests from organisations in Thailand and Singapore.

We strongly believe in supporting local communities and now recognise corporate social responsibility CSR as part of our business model

Captain CSR superhero taking a break and eating fried Chicken in BKK.

Make Your Superhero a Reality with our Captain CSR Events

Captain CSR – Superheroes is another fun team building event with a difference. Our CSR Superheroes can be all-inspiring and represent the best in humanity. You may not be perfect but we can help you become csr superheroes and play an important part in the local community.

Team members having fun by racing on kids bikes after building them to check for safety.

Our Most Popular Build a Bike for Kids CSR Team Building

Build a Bike for Kids CSR Team Building in Bangkok, Thailand, and Singapore is a fun indoor/outdoor event created for under-privileged children. Company participation (CSR) in local and global communities depict positive changes in people’s lives; thus, a reason your company should engage in these kinds of events.

Build a Bag CSR Team Building Events

Build a Bag CSR Donation for the Under Privileged

Build a Bag CSR is a fun, (Corporate Social Responsibility) event for the Under Privileged. Whether it’s for children, or the elderly your teams will be required to build and donate bags or hampers. These could be school bags, handbags, back-packs or food hampers.

Wheelchairs Team Building for Mobility Thailand Singapore

Walking Sticks and Wheelchairs Team Building for Mobility

Build a walking stick or assemble a wheelchair is a CSR team building event to help people suffering with mobility problems. Our team building for mobility event is for anyone living with a disability and wanting to maintain their independence.

Lego Team Building Indoor Events building a heart with bricks

Lego Team Building. Nothing Builds a Team Like Lego

Lego team building! Lego team building activities lead to more enthusiastic participation giving you more to take away from your event in our Thailand | Singapore Lego activities. It’s not a big secret that a lot of team building exercises can be generic, mundane or even a little uncomfortable for some employees.

It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.

Our selection of CSR events offer an ethical and sustainable way to deal with environmental and social impacts.

You can now connect your company with the local Thai and Singapore communities from a large selection of our charity CSR team building events. Build a bike, environmental clean up campaigns, and Captain CSR are just a few from the list below. These fun CSR events can be delivered anywhere across Thailand, Singapore or anywhere throughout Asia.