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Entertainment Services for Events and Gala Dinners


Entertainment Services. When booking one of our events why not compliment it with a selection of our entertainment services delivered anywhere throughout Asia. We are able to offer music, dance shows, lighting, professional emcee services, announcements, uplighting, spotlighting, and several other services tailored to suit your events.

Entertainment Services

DJ Live Music and Entertainment.

Why not enhance the mood of your gala dinner or dance party in Thailand with our professional live DJ. Our DJ can bring people to the dance floor by playing everyone’s favourite tunes all night long! Our main goal for every show is to encourage your guests so that they are entertained and have a great time!

We can help source a stylish and entertaining DJs who are guaranteed to pack your dance floor. Let our DJ’s set the mood and make an unforgettable, corporate event night. Booking our DJs wont be expensive and have professional sound systems.

We always recommend hire a professional DJ, regardless of your group size.

Music Selection

Our DJ’s have a wide selection of music including the latest top Pops, Hip Hop,Latino, Rhythm and Blues, Background Music, love songs and so much more!

MC Corporate Events

All of our mc are well-trained, friendly, and funny! They will keep the event organised and assured that the stage flows smoothly. Whether you want a beautiful lady or handsome man, we have the emcee for your occasion. Our professional Corporate MC’s will keep your event running smoothly and on time.

Our MC (Master of Ceremonies), wont just be there but will become a part of your corporate event. Our MCs can work with you once they have a comprehensive itinerary and can easily keep your corporate event flowing smoothly and on schedule.

Stage Lighting

Not only do we have quality music to entertain you but lighting to complete any event. Lighting adds elegance and focus and enhances the atmosphere to create mood of to your event. Impress your guests with the right lighting and it will lift up the event to a whole new level!

Stage and Backdrops

We provide stage setup that saves your time and maximises your creativity! Your stage backdrop will look incredibly stunning with a compliment of our professional lighting and sound system services.

Live Performers

Fulfil your event with beautifully trained traditional Thai dancers or any kind of performers of your choice. Hip Hop, Fire Eaters, Pop Bands or a solo singer we can provide musical entertainment to suit your gala dinner!

Photography and Videographer

We are able to have a professional photographer or videographer record your fun event from the start of the event right through to the end! The images can be shared by a link or given to you on a DVD.

Free Professional Photographer

We can provide a professional photographer FREE for our events however kindly noy all images given after the event will have our logon in the bottom right corner.

Andy T. Laird
As Excel Solutions Asia’s founder, Andy T. Laird does more than business management and administration. With over 20 years experience creating and developing corporate team building events, he's obsessed with innovating new ways to create amazing event themes, that are absurdly fun, and teamwork effective.