Movie Making Team Building on an iPad The Directors Cut

Write, shoot, act and edit your very own movie all on an iPad, and become movie stars for the day.

Event Duration

We recommend around 4-5 hours for this event although this could be a full day event.

Group Size

Minimum 55 persons to over 150+ depending on your chosen location


Anywhere across Asia although we recommend a city or town location.


Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and communication.

Movie Making Team Building on an iPad. This fun event is focused around the film making industry. Your teams are given a great opportunity to write, shoot, act and edit your very own movie all on an iPad. You can create a trailer, spoof, or even a commercial focused around your organisational services or products.

Corporate team building Thailand and Singapore events used to be the stuff of nightmares; boring lectures, and day-long exercises that are sound in principle, but hard to implement with any real sense of enjoyment.

However, there is an amazing solution. Our movie making and editing on an iPad offer a fun, effective, and unusual way to undertake your team building event.

At Excel Solutions Asia, we offer this innovative and fun event to corporate groups wanting to make the most of their time during a conference by combining learning with serious fun.

The Benefits of Movie Making for Corporate Team Building

Unlike regular team-building exercises such as tower building or sales pitch development, etc, our movie-making also helps you to develop real-world technology skills. Better still, it’s fun and creative meaning that you can get what you need out of your time while still giving yourself and your employees, the creativity and fun you all deserve.

The Power of Teamwork by Concept, Creation, and Editing

Movie making exercises take place in three stages: planning, shooting, and editing. These three stages will help you and your employees increase their creativity, build a bond, explore new technological skills, and create a supportive and effective editing rapport which may make future projects a cinch!

But before we just set them loose, our experts will impart some lighting, scripting, and shooting expertise to give your teams an idea of how, and where, to begin.

Planning – Brainstorming and Design

The event starts by asking teams to get together and brainstorm ideas for their very own movie. Teams will begin brainstorming ideas based around, scripting plans, and character design. All of this will culminate into a storyboard which becomes the foundation for a movie before the filming process.

Participants are then given the option to rehearse, before deciding and choosing their shooting location. During this process, we encourage character development to role-play and constructive critique.

Making a Movie Script – Teamwork

Before writing the script you need to plan the scenes. How many and how long is each scene going to be which makes up the overall movie.

Quotations are inclusive of:

iPads, editing software, movie props, prize for best actor, best actress, best director, consultants, MC, professional photographer and all associated materials and design.

Let us know your event date, location, and the size of your group?

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