Paintball Battles for Fun Outdoor Corporate Games

Paintball Battles man with gun

Paintball Battles and Corporate Games. You may be buddies in your organisation but once you enter the paint-ball battleground the adrenaline starts to flow and it won’t be long before you become trigger happy! Paintball battles events are heavily focused on leadership, participation and communication.

Safety – Do Paintballs Hurt?

Yes, sometimes they do depending on where you are hit but isn’t that part of the fun! Paintball battles should be a safe event and do not lead to major injuries, apart from the odd bruise or two.

Before each battle, we will begin with a briefing on rules and regulations, safety, and how to use the guns! We always control this event from any outsourced paintball marshals as we take your safety very seriously!

Paintball Battles Match Styles

A typical example of a group based around 40 pax. divided into 4 teams of 10 are:

1st Battle – 2 teams (2-3 matches) – Attempt to capture their opponent’s flag
2nd Battle – 2 teams (2-3 matches) – Attempt to capture the opponent’s flag
3rd Battle – 2 teams (2-3 matches) – Winning teams battle each other
4th Battle – Last Man Standing

Remaining (winning) team members battle each other to find the sole winner! This paintball event is inclusive of Images taken throughout the event, transportation to and from the paintball arena, crystal trophy for the winning team, tailored event program, cold towels, 2 bottles of cold water, and safety marshals.

What is the paint inside a paintball

The paintballs usually contain a non-toxic and water-soluble substance which can include glycerol, propylene glycol, wax, dye, gelatine, etc. The shell is made of gelatine and they should be kept out of the sun to prevent hardening.

What are the rules for paintball?

  • You should never remove your mask even when leaving the field. Keep it on at all times.
  • Be careful who you shoot at and don’t fire unless you know it’s a target. You could easily hit the refs or even local wildlife.
  • When you are hit clear the field. Raise your arm and let other players know which also save you being fired at again.
  • Always respect the ref and if he tells you to leave the field it’s the final word.
  • Some players are known to wipe off the paint when hit! There’s no sport in cheating.
  • Do not shoot at point-blank range. Paintballs can hurt if show at close range so give players a chance to surrender and if he/she doesn’t aim for a padded area or their boots.
  • What is the effective range of a paintball gun?

This can be dependent on the gun and the type of paintballs used. Paintballs shouldn’t break while they are moving at high speeds but should be able to break when they hit their target. The average distance is 80-100 feet.

Are paintball guns illegal?

In most countries, it is illegal to carry a loaded or operational paintball gun in a public place. This is dependent on your local firearm rules and regulation so before purchasing check first.

What to wear during paintball in hot weather

We would always recommend wearing full gear however at times it can be too hot! You may wear loose and baggy clothes allowing fresh air to circulate the body. Unless you’re really brave, I would try to expose as little skin as possible.

Wearing a mask is not optional and must be worn at all times!

Always Stay Hydrated

Always stay hydrated and start drinking water well before the games commence. Keep plenty of water on ice and be sure to drink a few ounces between each game.

When did Paintball First Start?

The first recorded paintball gun was by Charles Nelson who was also the co-founder of the Nelson Paint Company. Paintball guns were originally developed to mark trees from a distance for the U.S. Forestry Service.

The first paintball game was created by Charles Gaines.

If you are looking for a Paintball Thailand event, why not contact us today for a quotation. We can deliver team building events from as little as 6 pax to larger groups of a 100.