Raft Building Fun Beach Events Across Thailand

Team building fun on the beach building a raft and getting extremely wet in the process.

Event Duration

We recommend around 3-4 hours for this event although this could be a full day event.

Group Size

Minimum 25 persons to over 500+ depending on your chosen location


Anywhere across Thailand although we recommend a private beach location.


Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and communication.

You’re guaranteed to get wet with this fun, competitive raft building in Thailand event. This has always been our most popular event on beaches such as Hua Hin, Pattaya and Koh Samui etc and suitable for groups of any size We have combined two popular team building activities tailored around water! The traditional raft building with bamboo or building boats from card board.

Both are extremely fun and if you can’t decide which one to choose – have both! Raft building has become one of our top team building events in Thailand!

All About Boats Warm-Up Game

A great warm-up to this activity is the pen and paper game ‘Lost at Sea’. Your yacht is slowly sinking and the location is unclear. Your teams have a raft and are given a list of 15 items which they can take with them.

Their task is to rank the 15 items in terms of importance for survival. This is an exercise in group decision making and a great warm-up before the raft or boat building.

Raft Building Thailand – Castaway

Before you start your teams may need to find the equipment scattered along the beach.

During the planning phase, teams are given time to design their rafts. None of the rafting equipment can be touched during the planning which is usually delivered on a local beach near your chosen hotel.

Each team is then given the necessary equipment to build their rafts but don’t worry, we’re always on hand to offer some tips.

Raft Building Equipment

The equipment is made up of bamboo, rope, paddles and floats. The floats could be barrels (no chemicals) PVC pipe, or rubber inner tubes from tyres depending on location and budget.

The first team to complete their raft gets bonus points and then each raft is then subject to a safety check.

Top 3 Raft Building Thailand Locations

1. Raft Building Thailand – Hua Hin

Hua Hin is an ideal location for any raft building due to the larges beaches. The best beaches are near Khao Takiab as the beaches have little to no rocks unlike going toward Cha Am. We find that the location of beaches beyond Khao Takiab best such as the ones at the Pran Buri Forest Park.

Safety Warning – Jellyfish in Hua Hin

During the months of June to October care should be taken as there are jellyfish. During these months we would recommend using the hotel pool if permission is granted. It’s quite easy to spot the large white variety but the smaller white and brown jelly pack a more painful sting and cause deep burns to the skin.

Quotations are inclusive of:

All materials during the event, bamboo, rope, inflatables, cardboard, tape etc., prize for each winning team member, consultants, MC, professional photographer and all materials and design.

Let us know your event date, location, and the size of your group?

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