Shared Common Goals and the Impact on Your Teams

The importance of sharing and understanding goals in teamwork.

Shared Common Team Goals
Shared team goals are critical to ensure all team members are heading in the same direction, and understand the purpose and direction of the team. It also helps members recognise when they have been successful and what they have accomplished.

Shared Common Goals – Communication

Bring your employees together is vital to outline the steps needed to reach them. By clearly defined roles, all team members know what to do and understand why they are part of a successful team.

Short-term and long-term goals can inspire and motivate, but knowing how to prioritise your goal is vital for your group to become more successful.

Think of achieving one goal at a time and set out a plan with deadline.

Collaborative Team Goals

Most goals are set at an executive level, which filter down through departments to individuals or co-workers. Team members each contribute their skills as individuals to successfully achieve them.

Tracking Team Progress

It’s very important that the goals are concise and easy to understand. They should also be reachable and realistic based on your team’s abilities.

Continually measure the progress providing feedback along the way. Define who is responsible for tracking it and meeting the deadlines.

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