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Team Building Pattaya. Is it Suitable for Corporate Events?

Corporate Events Pattaya Landscape

Team building Pattaya. Corporate meetings and team building events in Pattaya. With it’s reputation would you consider a corporate event in Pattaya or stay in Bangkok! Thailand is well known for smiling happy people, and value for money, from a relaxed culture.

You may then assume that the best location for corporate team building events is in the capital Bangkok. This, however, is not the case. The ideal place could indeed be another city – Pattaya City. Would you consider a corporate team building event in Pattaya?

Pattaya has the best of everything Thailand has to offer but without having the congestion and urban sprawl found in Bangkok. Being a seaside destination the vibe is so much different from the metropolis.

Locals and tourist alike are more relaxed and it’s impossible to venture onto the streets of Pattaya without seeing people in attire ready for the beach. This sort of healthy atmosphere cannot help but reduce blood pressure and clear the mind, especially after your conference. Located on the Gulf of Thailand the air quality in Pattaya is always very good no matter what the season.

Pattaya Nightlife Disco Lights

Team Building Pattaya Corporate Events and the Nightlife

But wait, I can hear you wondering about rumours you have heard about Pattaya. Isn’t that place full of Beer Bars and Go Go clubs? And what about the Ladyboys? Isn’t this place overrun with all that stuff?

Well, to answer your question, YES, but only if you want to see all those sorts of things. Walking street and the surrounding areas are places to go every evening for an authentic and very lively Thai style night out.

On Second road you can also find the internationally famous Tiffany’s with its beautifully choreographed Ladyboy shows.

In truth, however, Pattaya is a whole lot more than just an area full of bars. Many families choose Pattaya as their holiday destination and never feel the need to go near a single bar or Gogo club. Pattaya has some of the best international restaurants, hotels and entertainment in South East Asia.

The whole place is geared up for the many thousands of visitors it gets annually. These people come for holidays, seminars, corporate events and business trips.

Team Building Pattaya charity event

Corporate meetings and Events Pattaya

Almost all our fun activities can be delivered for team building in Pattaya. Our most popular event activities are our Amazing Races, Build a Bike and Making Movies on iPads.

What better ways are there to see some of the best locations in Pattaya than through our team building amazing race. We even provide the transportation to get around and sometimes if you’re lucky, an air conditioned mini-bus.

Our build a bike includes donations to the Father Ray Foundation which is situated along Sukhumvit Road. They provide everything needed for these children including meals, education, and medical assistance. They are given the opportunity to become independent and most of all, feel safe and protected.

Corporate Team Building Pattaya Orphanage

Other Activities in Pattaya

To enhance your team building Pattaya event, there are a whole host of activities that can be enjoyed around the city.

Or why not try the many available water sports, even taking a speedboat around the nearby islands? For those who want to sample a touch of Thai Buddhism, Pattaya has its fair share of temples to which visitors are always welcome.

Try the impressively detailed “Sanctuary of Truth” temple near North Pattaya or the “Big Buddha” temple located on Pratumnak Hill overlooking Pattaya. It also boasts a beautiful viewpoint over the city.

Pattaya Large Gold Buddha Statue

If you want to learn more about Thailand but don’t have time to travel to its four corners, take a visit to Mini Siam and view it in miniature.

Here you can view most of the most well-known locations around Thailand and quite a few other notary global landmarks all in the same place at the same time!

If you’re an animal lover, DO NOT check out the crocodile farm, visit Monkey Island, feed bananas to elephants at Pattaya elephant sanctuary or get a selfie with a python at the snake farm. We do not endorse or recommend any kinds of attractions which exploit animals for a profitable gain!

Finding a Hotel in Pattaya

Pattaya’s location means it’s a quick sprint by taxi down the motorway from Bangkok airport. Unlike Bangkok, there are fewer traffic jams although they still exist if you were to decide to travel around working hours.

Hotels in Pattaya are also on a par with those in the capital but prices are generally cheaper here and there is an additional beautiful golden sandy beach on your doorstep. Over the last few years, Pattaya has cleaned this up!

Pattaya also hosts many large and well known international hotel chains, but if you want a more reasonably priced budget hotel, you still have plenty of choices.

Nearly all hotels have facilities that can be used for corporate team building events and there are also large conference halls and other types of facility available elsewhere in the city too.

Corporate Events Pattaya Floating Market

Pattaya Shopping

Before you leave you must find some time for some souvenir shopping and you can find plenty of shops and malls without leaving the city. There are always bargains to be had at many of the markets which are open daily.

Pattaya’s floating market provides a unique experience of shopping by boat. After, make your way to Pattaya Night Bazaar for a huge number of shops selling everything from souvenirs to cheap clothes sporting at times, questionable brand names!

We can even add a team building event here, per a fun amazing race. Why not take a look at our team building in Pattaya testimonials.

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