Team Building Thailand Fun Activities, Games and Events

We believe in innovation and our corporate team building activities are extremely fun and challenging!

Team Building Thailand Games

Team Building Thailand Fun Activities, Games and Events. We believe in innovation and our corporate team building activities are extremely fun and challenging! All our corporate games and activities provides organisations a fabulous opportunity to interact on an informal level, with each other. Although Excel Solutions Asia was founded on the well known, traditional team building games we now offer over 30 innovative themes.

Our most popular and top 3 event locations in Thailand are Bangkok, Pattaya, and Hua Hin although we have delivered throughout Thailand and overseas. Combine this with over 16 years of event experience, we’re sure to have something for you and not forgetting, we are now based in Singapore. Take a look at out top 3 Amazing Race destinations in Thailand.

Team Building Hua Hin Activities and Games

Our top selection of team building Hua Hin activities include Hua Hin Amazing Races, Raft Building, Build a Bike, Movie Making and most of our CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility events. With beautiful sandy beaches and iconic locations such as Khao Takiab Temple, Phra Mongkut Klao Pavilion and of course the fishing village, this is a sought after event location in Thailand for any kind of corporate event.

Hua Hin Attractions

Besides just sunbathing snorkelling and swimming, it is also a great place supporting attractions and activities such as golf, caves, peaks, waterfalls, shops, seafood and nearby national parks which could be combined into one of our Amazing Races.

Team Building Pattaya Activities and Games

Pattaya is still a great choice for team building and we have been delivering our Pattaya Amazing Races and Bike Build for almost 15 years. Unless you have a private hotel it’s not suited for our events such as Raft Building. However, Pattaya does host some fantastic action events including Paint Ball, Go Karting, and ATV’s.

Pattaya Action Events

Pattaya boasts 2 large outdoor go-cart racing tracks, paint-ball arenas, bungee jumping, gun ranges and other fun events. We believe the karting and paintball in Pattaya are simply the best in Thailand from set-up to delivery.

Kindly note: **we no longer endorse Jet-skiing or para sailing and this has been removed from our event selection in Pattaya**

Team Building Pattaya Attractions

We also include other attractions in our events. Wat Phra Yai, (a temple built on a mountain),  Radio Tower Pattaya Viewpoint, and Walking Street are just a few interesting locations. Wat Phra Yai temple sits on the top of Pratumnak Hill, between Pattaya and Jomtien Beach. The Lord Buddha is 18 metres tall and impossible to miss. This is the highlight of the temple and a must see which is why we built this iconic location into our events.

Team Building Phuket Activities and Games

As well as our exciting out door events there are a variety of other exciting attractions at easy to get to locations: Phuket Aquarium, Phuket FantaSea, Chalong Temple, Waterfalls, one of the islands most notable natural landmarks Prom Thep Cape; most famous for its dramatic sunsets. Lastly, while visiting Phuket how could you not pay to visit Phang Nga Bay; famous for its limestone cliffs, caves, mangroves, fishing villages and James Bond Island.

Phang Nga Bay

The most distinctive feature in Phuket is the limestone towers the jut our around waters. Most of the bay is now protected and is a fantastic location to discover wild life, caves and rivers.

Team building Chiang Mai Activities and Games

Our most popular team building event in Chiang Mai is our Amazing Race taking teams to a beautiful temple, Chiang Mai Zoo (where visitors can view species in their natural habitat) and a little shopping from local handicraft stalls. Chiang Mai is also an excellent destination for trekking, white water rafting and cycling and offer numerous hotels.

Chiang Mai Temples

Located more than 700km from Bangkok, Chiang Mai has more than 300 temples and the old city centre is surrounded by a moat and walls making it visually striking. Although Chiang Mai has become a fast growing city it still manages to retain its rich history and traditions.

Just outside town is Doi Pui Suthep National Park and Wat Doi Suthep Buddhist temple is a ‘must see’ being placed high on your places of visit. It sits at the top of Doi Suthep mountain giving amazing views all over Chiang Mai.

Team building Koh Samui Activities and Games

Another great location for a team building (MICE) events is Koh Samui located in the Gulf of Thailand and surrounded by around eighty other islands. Our most popular team building event in Koh Samui would be Castaway – our raft building. Although this event is mostly delivered in Pattaya and Hua Hin, Koh Samui has a nicer selection of beautiful beaches.

Koh Samui most popular Beach

Koh Samui is the third largest island in Thailand and the most popular beaches being Chaweng (approximately 7 km long with powdery white sand) and Lamai (more rocky).

The central area of the island is mostly jungle mountain and the numerous lowlands are connected by a road running mostly around the coastline.

Awesome Team Building Games You Won’t Hate!

It is evident that whenever anyone suggests a team building event to a few will reply with comments such as, “Not another boring team building activity” Most people today strongly believe that team building games should be fun, entertaining and most of all fresh. This inspired us to always refrain from any kind of teamwork, coaching lectures!

We don’t deliver the typical, old and event games such as ‘close your eyes and fall backwards‘. Most corporates know this and have more than likely done it already. We believe in innovation and have always been leading the way to new games and activities for over 15 years.

**Team building activities should engage people without being boring or hated.**

The Purpose of our Games

Throughout the event as the group gets more involved, the effectiveness of teamwork is increased. At the end of the event teams will have opened up communication between them and gained a better understanding of the team process.

  • Assist team members to diagnose what they do well or poorly
  • Aid in the decision making and understand communication and leadership styles
  • Demonstrate specific methods that team members can use to improve the quality of their time together
  • To surface hidden or latent issues

Team Building Games and Warm Ups

Our games start with icebreakers to help you relax, break down social barriers and motivate your group. This also demonstrates you’re going to have fun! Even dividing your group into teams is done in a fun warm up session no matter how large your group is!

Example warm game – Truths and Lies

Team members introduce themselves by providing their name and three statements. Two of the statements are true and one is a lie. The group/team has to guess which of the three statements is a lie.

Ribbon Steal

Everyone starts with a ribbon hanging out of their pickets or waistline. The objective is for team members to get as many ribbons as possible. Participants can only steal if they still have their ribbon. Anyone loosing their ribbons continue to run until the time is up!

Team Building Thailand

Team Building Thailand Top Activities & Games

The Amazing Race – Team Building Thailand

Excel Solutions Asia were one of the first event organisers to start amazing races in Bangkok, Thailand and have been adding new locations each year. Amazing races take your teams around cities participating in fun cultural challenges. This includes Thai boxing, Thai art, Thai food, Temples and more. This is the perfect to escape the corporate meeting, see a few landmarks and have some serious fun while developing teamwork.

Movie Making on iPads – Team Building Thailand

This event began almost 15 years ago using Sony camcorders however, with iPads today this event has become so much easier and more fun! You write, shoot, and edit your own movies and at the end of the day get to see them on the big screen. Clients in the past have used the purpose and goals of their conference to be the main theme of the movie which works extremely well. Otherwise it’s anything you wish from musicals, and action, to comedies. This is a great opportunity to see working colleagues in a different light, and bond a lasting relationship. Did we forget to mention shooting movies on iPads is amazing fun!

Build a Bike for Children – Team Building Thailand

Build a bike was our first CSR event many years ago and we, or should I say you, have been supporting local orphanages and under-privileged children ever since. Start with a fun shopping trip and return to build a bike. The highlight of course is when we introduce the children during the donation stage. Some of you are sure to walk away with a tear in your eye.

Build a Bike team Building Thailand

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility Events

Why not participate from a selection of our awesome charity CSR (corporate social responsibility)events. We are in the process of creating many of our events around CSR events as many organisations are heading in this direction. We strongly believe in supporting local communities and recognise social responsibility as part of our business model.

Our selection of CSR events offer an ethical and sustainable way to deal with environmental and social impacts. You can now connect your company with the local Thai community, from a large selection of our charity innovative CSR events such as, build a bike, environmental clean up campaigns, Captain CSR and more.

Optimal Group Sizes

We can and have delivered our events to groups sizes from as little as 10, to well over 500. There are no limits we can’t handle and team sizes are dependent on the chosen event activity and what you are trying to accomplish. We usually divide groups into teams of around 8 however, for extremely large groups this could increase to around 15 per team.

What is Team Building?

Team building is the process of turning a group of individuals into a cohesive team. It also interactions in which employees engage in while working together to carry out the necessary requirements of their jobs.

Team building is also a great opportunity for groups to get to know each other better through FUN teamwork-based activities. Team building games can also provide your group with an opportunity to examine what’s working and perhaps what could be improved. It also assists and helps members better understand decision making approaches, leadership, and communication patterns.

Why Teamwork in Thailand is Important

What is team work? A team is a group of people who are mutually dependent on each other to achieve the same common goal. Team work helps people understand each others jobs and the roles they play in your organisation. Shared information increases understanding from other peoples perspectives, thus providing a sense of security within the team. Furthermore, the main advantage of team work is a better end result.

Teamwork doesn’t mean everyone within the group is doing the same thing, or doing each others jobs. Teamwork does however, have the potential to connect your employees and get them top work together in harmony to achieve a shared common goal.

Team Building is an Investment

Teamwork is an important investment that you can make for your employees to build trust, encourage communication, increase collaboration and much more. Our games and activities don’t feel like another day at the office. Our events establish a direction for your organisation and empower you to achieve your desired business results.

The only decision left is how hard do you want to challenge your team while choosing an event with us! Collaboration is important within your organisation. Participating in one of our fun events is a sure way to provide equal opportunities and communicate your ideas.

Corporate Team Building Hua Hin

How We Build Successful Teams

As most people are familiar with team building games we became more innovative and grew our company on a selection of new event ideas and fun themes. However, we still offer the traditional games today which was the foundation and success of our company.

Your team members may need to force themselves out of their comfort zones to become good team players. By fostering team building, team members can be united around shared common goals, thus increasing productivity. Team building is essential to understand the importance of teamwork.

We believe one of the best methods to build teams, is by engaging people and socialising without the need for long lectures on ‘teamwork’. After all, it is easier ‘to do this without having to think about it’

  • Encourage listening and brainstorming
  • Set goals and provide a clear purpose
  • Encourage and facilitate effective communication
  • Assign roles to participating team members
  • Emphasise communication techniques that will build teamwork
  • Reconcile and resolve minor disputes
  • Set ground rules for the team
  • Consider that each employee’s ideas are valuable

During all our events teams will face a series of challenges which will test the skills of each team member in a multitude of ways.

Phase 1 Planning

Each challenge normally comprises of approximately 5-10 minutes for understanding, communicating and planning.

Phase 2 Implementing

After the planning phase, each team will need to set their plan into action and perform the tasks ahead. Normally each task will take approximately 20 – 30 minutes to perform.

Phase 3 Assessing

After each of the challenges are complete, time will be dedicated to review the team performance in an indirect, non judgemental manner covering:

  • what was achieved,
  • what was not achieved,
  • could anything have been improved,
  • how did the team communicate and was assigned the leadership.

Phase 4 Evolving

Moving to the next challenge teams need to remember and action the results of their previous successes, and other areas that need improvement. As your team progresses throughout the day, in turn would yourr success by learning what works and what doesn’t.

Experiential Learning and Situational Leadership Skills.

Ultimately, the degree and strength of your team’s development will be measured by the ability to achieve the goals set. Thus cohesiveness – your sense of belonging and degree of commitment to one another within your group

Why Clients like to use Our Services

Our event organisation develop programs tailored around specific needs and the required teamwork skills to achieve them. This could be one of the most important investments you would make for your business. Our professional consultants have the skills to develop and make teams aware of their methods of working towards goals for change.

Our expert consultants work hand-in-hand with you to provide advice, support and ideas which guarantee you get a successful event. We always treat everyone with politeness, efficiency and professionalism.

Unique and Fun Team Building Thailand Activities

If you feel a little uncomfortable about team bonding activities, don’t worry. Our innovative team building games and activities are not predictable. We’ve created the ultimate list of fun team building activities for your workplace to learn, laugh, and connect. We understand that fun activities help your team members see each other in a different light, allowing them to relate to each other in a different environment.

Our Amazing Thai Consultants

Our event consultants are not with us just because they are well trained experts or talented! They have one important quality which is – they have a passion and enjoy what they do! They are dedicated to motivate teams and enhance productivity during your events. They all have a good command of the English language and enjoy engaging people in each of the given challenges and activities. Let’s not forget they are also there for your safety.

Their roles are also to motive your teams, and to facilitate your groups problem-solving capabilities. Its our consultants responsibility to develop awareness by which each team can take a meaningful look at itself, its functions, methods of working, and of course its goals for change.

The main goal of our games are to offer participants a better opportunity to experience the diversity of one another’s attitudes. This also helps participants get to know one another much better.

Team Building Skills You Will Use and Value

Your group will benefit from any of our team building activities as they are focused on helping your group unite as one team. Our activities are designed to achieve specific outcomes, with creative ways to inspire your team to do its best. Good communication skills are critical combined with active listening to understand other team members needs. Without support there is no team. Throughout our events team members will rely and support each other building relationships of trust, respect and productive interactions along the way.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organisational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” — Andrew Carnegie

Shared Team Goals – Communication

Bring your employees together is vital to outline the steps needed to reach them. By clearly defined roles, all team members know what to do and understand why they are part of a successful team. Short-term and long-term goals can inspire and motivate, but knowing how to prioritise your goal is vital for your group to become more successful. Think of achieving one goal at a time and set out a plan with a deadline.

Valued Diversity

Team members will value each other for their unique perceptions, contributions and ideas. It’s also about appreciating and understanding other people’s preferences!

Which team is the Winner!

Each team will be awarded points based upon their performance and the success, or partial completion of the tasks. Points will be calculated at the end of the event, to asses which was the most successful team on the day.

Team Building Thailand Event Costs

Prices per person are always based on group size, location, dates and choice of team building activity. Our minimum group size is 10 pax although if for example, there are only 7 in your group it will be based on the ten.


A deposit is required usually 30 days + before the event day. This enables us to secure your date and start all the necessary preparations.  You may pay by telegraphic transfer, cheque, bank deposit or even cash but rest assured you will always get an official tax invoice and receipt.

Conclusion and Booking

To be one of the most influential and respected event organisations requires the highest level of passion, performance and professionalism. Respected and trusted by more and more companies throughout Thailand, we are always striving to be different and we are always ready to bring you a professional team building event that is engaging and fun without boundaries!

The primary work group is the most important element or subsystem of any organisation, and the team leader or manager is the linking pin between the primary group and the rest of the organisation – Likert 1967